Call of Conduct
Keeping Your Attendees,
Speakers, & Staff Covered
In an Inclusive Event

Conference Reporting Like Never Before


Instantly receive
incident reports
Clear path to
resolving the situation


options to keep
all attendees


Staff notified instantly
Incident records stored
Code of Conduct
kept in app


Real-time reporting
Printable record after
event is closed

Conferences, meet-ups, and events always start with a Code of Conduct, a model of accepted behavior that all attendees, staff, organizers, and speakers are expected to adhere to in order to keep a safe, inclusive environment.

Call of Conduct helps with reporting when that Code of Conduct has been violated. When an incident occurs, staff and organizers are alerted so issues can be resolved and everyone can feel safe and secure. Confrontation can be reduced via anonymous reporting and a record of all incidents is provided after the event.

Call of Conduct is built to make organizers' lives easier, to create a safe and inclusive space for participants at an event, and to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.

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